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Welcome to Joe-Le Soap

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Welcome to the Joe-Le Soap tribe!!

What are we?

Joe-Le Soap provides natural skincare products to meet the needs of customers with moderate to serious skin sensitivities, including Eczema and several other skin disorders. From initial design to final quality assurance processes, we pride ourselves on engaging in animal cruelty-free practices, testing on no animals, and manufacturing within the USA. 

What are our goals?

At Joe-Le Soap our goal is to provide soaps, body butters, hair treatments, and lip conditioners that do not contain harsh chemicals or common irritants brought on by synthetic fragrances and artificial ingredients. Our soaps are naturally scented and essential oil scented, naturally ph balanced due to our meticulous formulas, and contain raw, organic ingredients.  All of our body butters contain premium, gentle, and non-irritating essential oils that give off a natural and light scent. Our mission is to provide an all natural product line with safe ingredients that will exfoliate, soften, and aid you along the path of improving the appearance of your skin the natural and safe way.


Why do we exist?

In the U.S., 32 million people have at least one form of eczema.  70% of our customers have eczema. Our products are hand made, in small batches, vegan, and paraben-free which creates a safe environment for skin to thrive and be healthy.  All contain natural and plant-based oils and very straight forward ingredients.  Our soaps are cold processed and contain no synthetic fragrances or artificial ingredients.

Our original co-founder's non-hodgkin's lymphoma introduced us to a meticulous base line recipe that has grown into a product line that has helped our customers with rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and skin cancer.


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Started in 2018, Local Business, Charlotte Based, HUB Certified, 
Black Owned & Operated, Woman Led, Family-Run

Started in 2018, Local Business, Charlotte Based, Black Owned & Operated, Woman Led, Small

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