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During the Summer months and in warmer climate shipping zones there is a great chance your butters will arrive liquified. The ingredients and our recipes are not affected by melting. The melting will not affect the quality of the whipped butter as a great moisturizer, but the whipped consistency will change. We do not use synthetic stabilizers and we have not yet formulated our body butters with beeswax. Our shipped body butters are extremely volatile during this time of year as a result. During very warm weather, products may soften or even melt as they sit in warm mail trucks, mailboxes, or on porches. We use foil insulated mailers in the heat of summer, to best protect our body butters on their journey safely but some still cannot withstand certain climates unfortunately. 
On sunny or warm days, BEFORE opening the jars, place the items in your REFRIGERATOR for a few hours to allow them to harden, just in case they have melted in transit. If you live in a warmer climate area, do not open your body butter to check it, but instead refrigerate it immediately. If you open items, to check if melting has occurred, they may spill out. Whipping adds tiny air bubbles that increase the size, lighten the density and change the texture, making the butter light and fluffy. If a whipped product melts, the air bubbles are collapsed, so the volume is decreased. So although the jar was filled to the top, if the butter melts, there will be less volume in the container.  


Since melting is a natural reaction to heat and we have no control over the conditions during transit or delivery, please understand that we cannot be responsible for melted products. We cannot accept returns for melted products. Please use discretion with your ordering during the summer.


Thank you!

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