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Artisan Soaps That Will Up Your Shower Game

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Aren’t you tired of the same old routine? Wasting your money on subpar, boring products gets old… fast! Frankly, buying the same old thing can be downright wasteful. Not only that, but many commercial brands fill their soaps with toxic ingredients that can irritate your skin and even harm your overall health.

Perhaps it’s time to try something new. Adding handmade artisan soap into your care routine can help boost confidence, improve the appearance of your complexion, and leave you feeling satisfied, knowing you are using quality, natural ingredients on your body. So, what is artisan soap?

What Does “Artisan” Even Mean?

Odds are, you’ve probably heard the word “artisan” before, but maybe you’ve never thought about what it means. An artisan is “a person or company that makes high-quality or distinctive products in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods.”

What is artisan soap? When you opt for artisan products, you’re selecting products crafted with care. Unlike big commercial companies who cut corners for the sake of profit, artisans are skilled, genuine craftsmen who pour their time and energy into creating the finest items for your life.

Why Choose Handmade Artisan Soap?

Is handmade soap truly a higher-quality product than mass-produced soap? Here are some of the top artisan soap benefits you can enjoy daily!

Support Small Businesses

Instead of shoveling more money over to a multi-million dollar corporation, you can support an entrepreneur who has turned their passion into a living! Organic products such as artisan soap bars are handmade with love, care, and great attention to detail. Choosing to purchase from an artisan business owner is a spectacular way to support someone with pure intentions and pure products.

Made In Small Batches

The mass production of drugstore brand soaps means cutting corners regarding quality. The handmade quality is a major plus when it comes to artisan soap benefits. Small batches allow the craftsman to take their time with each product, ensuring exceptional quality. This is the kind of soap you can feel comfortable applying to your body!

Non-Toxic Ingredients

Many soaps found at your local drugstore contain toxic, damaging ingredients. Synthetic fragrances, parabens, preservatives, sulfates, and triclosan are all common additives that should be avoided. Many of these chemicals can be irritating, especially to sensitive skin. Some are even linked to potentially causing cancers, hormone disruption, and reproductive issues.

However, artisan soap bars are typically natural and organic, meaning that all ingredients are naturally derived from plants or other organisms. As you can imagine, these non-toxic artisan soap benefits are good news for your sensitive or ailed skin.


One of the best things about artisan soaps is the element of luxury they add to your routine. Handcrafted soaps come in many beautiful, unique scents, colors, shapes, and textures. They can add a touch of grandeur to your skincare routine, making it uniquely tailored to your tastes, preferences, and skin type.


When you opt for handmade artisan soap, your furry friends will thank you! Cruelty-free products can confirm their testing process for the product does not include animals. Many commercial organizations still participate in animal testing. Organic brands are typically synonymous with cruelty-free, which means you don’t need to stress about the ethics of your decision.

Ok, You’ve Convinced Me… Now Where Do I Find Quality Artisan Soap?

Joe-Le Soap is a woman-led, Black-owned business founded by Charlotte native Levon Handsome. Joe-Le Soap has been crafting vegan, natural soap since 2018. Levon and her husband Joseph’s experience with alopecia, eczema, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and skin cancer inspired them to create a gentle product for everyone.

Specifically, the Handsomes wanted to create a soap with non-complicated ingredients, making the decision to buy from them an easy purchase, especially for those with skin conditions. With Joseph’s curiosity about the soap-making process and the couple’s skin struggles, Joe-Le Soap was born.

The Story of Joe-Le Soap

When Levon and Joseph finally launched their artisan soap, demand snowballed! Just two years after their passion-founded business began, Levon added more products to their lineup, including lip conditioners, body butter, and haircare commodities. With the purest ingredients, Joe-Le Soap is perfect for all skin types.

A Living Legacy

Joe-Le’s Joseph Dewayne Handsome tragically passed away in January of 2022. Through her heartbreak, Levon has worked tirelessly to continue growing the brand through passion and innovation. Joe-Le Soap continues to expand, selling products locally, online, at a museum, and a consignment store, exposing more and more consumers to the unique quality of her beautiful handmade artisan soaps.

Joe-Le Soap Products

Consider some of these high-quality products from Jo-Le Soap that can help you enjoy all the benefits of artisan soap.

Artisan Soaps

Joe-Le soaps are ethically sourced, certified organic, and cruelty-free with shea butter sourced from West Ghana. Each soap is available in various rich, unique scents, including elderberry hibiscus (limited time only), aloe vera, red turmeric, oat milk honey, and espresso coffee. Add a little luxury to your busy day with any of these gentle soaps. Let your stress melt away!

Body Butter

Like all Joe-Le products, the body butters are organic, cruelty-free, and ethically sourced. They contain no artificial stabilizers. Using the body butter will give you a nourished, hydrated complexion, great for those who struggle with dry, flaky skin due to certain skin conditions. They are currently available in white chocolate, turmeric and honey, CBD and lavender, and more.

CBD Products

Joe-Le Soap can offer you a line of CBD products developed to enhance relaxation and reduce stress. A CBD soap bar, body oil, and body butter are available in this line. All our CBD products are made with hemp bud only to ensure quality.

Lip Conditioner

Our lip conditioner recipe is newly improved to give you your pucker maximum hydration. This product boasts just four natural ingredients: beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil.


Joe-Le Hair Formula is a protective style treatment you can apply to wet, pre-braided hair to secure moisture, prevent breakage, and stimulate growth. The formula is crafted with African Chebe powder: a popular ingredient used for hair maintenance in Chad. Use it to keep your hair thriving!

So, what is artisan soap, at its core? Artisan soap is a gentle, ethical alternative to many of the generic, mass-produced soap products available on the market. Handmade skincare products are your ticket to smoother, healthier skin. It’s time to kiss your old routine goodbye! Why wait? Up your shower game with artisan soap bars today!

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