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Finding the Best Exfoliating Soap Bar for You

Exfoliating is essential to great skin. Without it, dead cells can accumulate, leading to outbreaks and blackheads, as well as dry skin. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and allows new cells to surface, giving your skin a boost to its natural glow. It also whisks away dirt and debris that clogs your pores. Exfoliating your skin with a soap bar on a daily basis makes you less prone to breakouts, allowing skincare products to work at their maximum potential. We’ll break down the best exfoliating soap bar for you here to help clear your skin so that you can look your best.

Charcoal Bar

Activated charcoal bar soaps focus on detoxifying the skin to smooth and brighten. It can lighten underarms, clear blemishes, and is especially effective on mature skin. Activated charcoal has been treated to become absorbent, and that activation occurs when oxygen is introduced into the charcoal at high temperatures. Our Charcoal Bar helps absorb excess oil and prevent breakouts. If you work a job that leaves you feeling clogged and oily after a long day, activated charcoal exfoliating soaps will clear out your pores and leave your skin refreshed.

Espresso Coffee Bar

Exfoliating soaps help combat the downfalls of mature skin. This anti-aging Espresso Coffee Bar can reduce puffiness associated with aging or poor sleep with the miraculous properties of coffee beans. Coffee beans are packed full of antioxidants that provide a soothing effect on the skin. If your skin needs luster, soap exfoliants rich in Vitamin B3 like our Espresso Coffee Bar can reduce dark circles around your eyes and help prevent rosacea flare-ups by reducing inflammation.

Lemongrass Green Tea Bar

Exfoliating soap bars that contained lemongrass are popular for a reason. It smells wonderful and naturally minimizes the pores of the skin. A delicious-smelling Lemongrass Green Tea Bar is gentle on skin that may be too oily from frequent acne breakouts. Lemongrass’ anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties combine to remove dead skin cells, preventing blackheads and whiteheads from developing.

Japanese Green Tea Bar

Green tea has so many benefits, and our Japanese Green Tea Bar is another soap exfoliant utilizing its varied amazing properties. The type of green tea used in this Japanese Green Tea Bar is unique and highly prized. Gyokuro green tea is grown in Japan as a prestigious type of green tea that stands out from the standard sencha green teas that are usually used in soap products. This special green tea paired with a variety of beneficial oils like palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil comes together to create the perfect blend of soap exfoliants for inflamed skin. With the high amount of antioxidants in green tea extract, green tea exfoliating soaps fight also fight signs of aging by smoothing wrinkles and dull skin.

Exfoliating Soaps

Exfoliating your skin daily is a must. Clearing away dirt residue, scrubbing away dead cells, and rinsing off oils that have built up over the day with an exfoliating soap bar will make your skin look younger and more vibrant, and help fight against wrinkles and acne outbreaks. Everyone deserves to have beautiful, well-taken care of skin.

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