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Joe-Le Soap is getting a lot of buzz!

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

There has been a lot of buzz circling around Joe-Le Soap and its all natural, eczema-friendly skincare line. Check it out..

Patti's Beauty Beat featured the white chocolate gift set in this month's beauty gift guide for stocking stuffing.

Beauty News NYC's featured Joe-Le Soap in their global holiday roundup.

Splash Magazine's holiday gift guide included Joe-Le Soap in their items under $40 roundup.

JLS was featured in Your Tango's "32 Beauty Gifts" in this month's e-pub. Last but not least, the very witty ladies at Fresh Start's Registry put together a cute and intriguing Holiday Gift Guide including yours truly. One of Levon's personal favorites, the Oat Milk Honey.

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