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Meet the Minority-Owned and Woman-Run Bodycare Brand that Focuses On Nourishing Our Bodies Naturally

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Charlotte based Joe-Le Soap is providing high-quality body and skin care products that are truly all-natural and enjoyable to use. Consumers suffering from common skin conditions (like eczema and seasonal dry skin) have praised the brand for its effective and luxurious-feeling products that put their needs first.


The brand was originally founded in 2018 by Levon Handsome and her husband Dr. Joseph “Joe” Handsome as an answer to their personal and constant struggle with other so-called “natural brands''.


“Between my husband and myself, we dealt with skin cancer, non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, eczema, and alopecia. And despite using products that claimed to be all-natural and organic, our regular flare-ups and irritations revealed how deceptive that labeling can be,” said Levon. “We were tired of being lied to and decided to create the exact formula and products we and thousands of others needed.” 


The initial three recipes of espresso coffee, lemongrass green tea and oatmeal honey were created by Joe. Levon later experimented with Joe’s baseline recipes and expanded the product line to include 33 more SKUs with the addition of body butters, hair butters, lip balms and dog shampoos!


Joe-Le Soap’s products are all made with simple, easy-to-understand ingredients. They replace the commonly used harsh and harmful chemicals with natural and plant-based ingredients that are kind to your body. Their small batch, handcrafted formulas are perfect for safely and gently exfoliating, softening, and moisturizing skin while also improving stubborn conditions.


The brand and the family-run team behind its success and growth have been committed to ensuring their products are worthy of the all-natural label and the expectations of their consumers.


“It’s always been mine and Joe’s dream to help people feel good in their own skin, without compromise. Even though Joe passed away earlier this year, his inspiration and legacy have been poured into furthering the brand.  The passion for helping and supporting people lives on through me and what we built.”


Through an innovative approach and customer-first mindset, Joe-Le Soap is providing the highest quality body products needed to feel beautiful in your own skin. By using ingredients from the earth and not the lab, you can feel good in your own skin! 

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