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Welcome to the
Joe-Le Soap Virtual Wellness Spa

Beautiful Spa Pool
Underwater Dive
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Spa Facilities
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Bath Salts and Soap
Beautiful Skin
Natural Thermal Waters
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Spa Fountain
Exfoliation Treatment
Image by David Hofmann
Women Jumping During Performance
Yoga in the Garden
Flexible Woman
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Woman with Freckles
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Girls in Black
Face Massage
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Your wellness journey starts here...

Breathe In...

...Breathe Out

About the JLS Wellness Spa

Here at the Joe-Le Soap Wellness Spa we are creating a virtual spa experience to help you get away from the pandemic for as long as you need.  We are introducing you to our products specifically targeted at removing those dead skin cells and oils, and revealing a more bright and radiant complexion.  Containing calming essential oils like eucalyptus, spearmint, lavender, and CBD, this product line is exactly what you need to relax and regroup.  So sit back, relax your body from the stresses of a pandemic environment outside, indulge in your senses, and treat yourself to this virtual, tranquil experience.  Lastly, be sure to shop for some goodies your skin and body will thank you for...

Organice Soaps and body butters


...Now Stretch

The keys to great skin are staying active, staying hydrated, vitamin c, exfoliation, and sleep.

Explore JLS Wellness Spa Collection

Joe-Le-Soap bar
Joe- Le Soap bars  and moisturizer butter

We hope you enjoyed your visit. Thank you for stopping by my wellness spa.. 

JLS Founder

Don't forget to shop the exclusive wellness products before you leave!!

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